Victoria Azarenka has been wearing the s

Victoria Azarenka has been wearing the same in-ear head-phones before her big matches as last year – Red Powerbeats by Dr. Dre. Will she wear them again today in the US Open final against Serena Williams (which is also the same as last year)? #usopen Advertisements

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Record Your Voice So That It Sounds Awesome

If you record your voice for anything other than talking to friends and family, as part of your internet business perhaps, then you might very well be missing a cheap and easy opportunity to move from amateur to professional in the way you present yourself or your product. It may just be something as simple […]

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Start using the recording studio you didn’t even know you had!  Home Brew Audio is mainly for folks who have little-to-no experience recording audio.  We’ll show you how to get started for a budget of…well…”zero” dollars!  How’s that for doing something on a budget?

Learn to fix crappy audio, how not to create crappy audio in the 1st place, how to mix music behind your voice-over, how to DO a voice-over, how to sing harmony with yourself (or have an argument with yourself if you prefer;)), create stereo multi-track recordings, etc.  See you at Home Brew Audio