How To Create A Stereo Effect For a Voice


Here are three methods for recording stereo voice.  Actually, one of these ways creates a stereo effect after a vocal has already been recorded.  Why would you want to do this?  Well, there are times in music recording or in voice-over work, especially radio ads (“Sunday, Sunday SUNDAY”), when you want a special effect for the main voice.  In music, doubling and then panning a voice is common as a way to create a different effect at points in a song, like before a chorus, to build up intensity.  Sometimes in pop music, it is just the way certain singers liked to be recorded.  John Lennon is a great example of this, as is Jon Anderson (maybe there’s something about being named “John”:)).

Anyway, here is an article that describes three ways you can achieve this effect.  Of course it works on other instruments besides voices too.

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