If You Want to Be A Famous Singer You Need Recordings


Lots of people dream they will become a famous singer one day.  The problem is that these same people rarely have any clue as to HOW to make their dreams happen.  Do you get an agent?  Do you try to join a band?  Do you make a YouTube video and pray it goes viral (fat chance)?  Maybe you feel like you need to move to Los Angeles or New York or Nashville.

There certainly are a lot of ways to go.  But guess what?  Regardless of what you do, you’re going to need a recording of yourself singing.  You’ll at least need a demo of a song or two, but even better than that is an entire album that you can start selling yourself, both digitally and with physical CDs. 

Once you have the songs recorded you can go to a couple of web sites to get the album made (for free!) and sell the albums on itunes, Spotify, your Facebook page, and 20K+ other record stores (that last part costs only $49 at CD Baby).

Got no clue how to get started doing any of this?  Check out this article and it will get you started:



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