Building Your Home Recording Studio – The Accessories


Part 5 (the last – whew!) in the series called “How To Build A Home Recording Studio” just went up at Home Brew Audio –

In this article Ken discusses the bits and bobs that are needed in order to properly use the mics and interfaces that are the core pieces of gear in a computer based home recording studio.  These accessories include scissor swivel mount mic stands, desk top mic stands, boom mic stands, pop filters (sometimes called pop screens), shock mounts, headphones, monitor speakers, and cables.

In addition to explaining what all that stuff is for, there are recommendations for specific brands and models, mostly based on Ken’s actual use, along with links to where you can see pics, details and specs about each item and purchase if you would like to.  Most of these items have free shipping, which is the usual complaint (the shipping cost, that is) about buying the sometimes heavy physical gear on-line.

The article also speaks to usage of each item in regard to whether you are a voice-over person or a music person.  There are times when an accessory may be very important to a musician, but not at all vital for someone doing mainly, or even exclusively, voice-overs or video narrations.

Check it out here:


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