What Is A Microphone Preamp?

If you ever have wondered what a mic preamp (or microphone preamplifier for long) is – and who hasn’t?:) – you can have your answer in the latest article at Home Brew Audio (the new site where the new articles are going) here: homebrewaudio.co/what-is-a-mic-preamp.

As with a lot of the scary sounding terms in the audio recording world, mic preamp is really not all that scary when you get right down to it.  And this term actually almost sounds like what it is!

Basically microphones need a bit of help in the signal-output department because they put out a very small signal, not enough for most things that have amplifiers in them to be able to send out to a speaker or whatever.  So yeah, they (microphones) need to be amplified before they are amplified. 

But why spoil all the fun?  See the full article at the link above.


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