Record Your Voice So That It Sounds Awesome

If you record your voice for anything other than talking to friends and family, as part of your internet business perhaps, then you might very well be missing a cheap and easy opportunity to move from amateur to professional in the way you present yourself or your product.

It may just be something as simple as moving from a small headset type of mic (yes, I know they’re convenient, but…) to something just as easy to use, like a large USB microphone.  And no, they are not expensive.  The difference between a typical $25 USB headset type mic and a $75 large diaphragm condenser USB mic that you can now pick up at most Best Buy stores, is only $50 (yeah I know, higher math).  But if 50 bucks can be the difference between presenting a professional image and an amateur one, it seems like one of those “no-brainers” to me.

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